Vietnam’s agricultural sector is one of the core pillars in the growing nation’s economic development. The Agricultural sector currently employs close to 40% of Vietnam’s 98 million people and is expected to reach a value of $51 billion USD by 2020. The export of Vietnam’s agricultural produce to countries worldwide accounts for a large proportion of the Nation’s export revenue. The transition towards trade liberalisation in the late 20th Century allowed Vietnamese producers to make use of their competitive advantage in the agricultural sector, leading to a sharp increase in the export of their main commodities of rice, coffee, pepper and cashew nut.

The rapid economic, demographic and urbanization developments have put Vietnam’s agricultural Industry at a turning point.

Vietnam’s recent free-trade agreement with the EU has enabled Vietnamese Agricultural Producers to export tariff free to most of Europe, given that the Government increase the working conditions for Vietnamese workers. 

Hence, the Vietnamese government has promised to improve their labour conditions as well as make strides towards a more efficient, organised and environmentally sustainable agricultural industry. 

TBRC has the expertise to provide assistance to private companies looking to expand out of Vietnam by establishing international export connections. We have an extensive network both locally and globally which allows us to provide an extended arm for our clients, helping them reach aspirations for growth and sustainable development.

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  • Strategic Development

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