About TBRC

“We want to enable foreign companies and investors to successfully establish a presence in Vietnam, reaching fast growth and long-term gains.”

– Johan De Geer, Founder & Chairman

How it started

The Business Rock Star Company Ltd. or TBRC was established in 2015 by two cousins from Sweden, Johan and Eric De Geer. With a shared interest for transitioning economies and seeing the opportunity Vietnam’s steady and fast-growing economy presented. Using their notable experience in the region, they decided to set up a corporate finance advisory and consultancy firm within market entry operating in Vietnam – The idea for TBRC was formed!

About TBRC

With a strong belief in that close collaboration makes perfection, TBRC has since day one proposed tailor-made strategic solutions to our clients. Our team of driven Vietnamese and European professionals possess the strong analytical and executional skills needed as reliable partners in our primary areas as M&A advisory and Business Partner Search


Our Scandinavian work culture and deep local understanding make TBRC is a truly international firm. With our thorough knowledge of Vietnam, diverse backgrounds and experience in the fields of strategy, marketing, production and finance, we stand ready to develop Your rock star strategy for Vietnam or support your export to EU.



To continuously strive for new experience, knowledge and personal improvement

Sustainable Development

For our customers and Vietnam


To give real service you must add something that cannot be bought by money, that is sincerity and integrity


Working together to build lasting relationships for stronger outcome, with our clients, partners and colleagues


To enable foreign private organizations successfully expand their activities in Vietnam as well as support firms & investors in finding efficient paths to growth and new markets.


Shape future businesses in a global network of people, promoting innovation and sustainable growth


Circo Building, Floor 8
63A Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Dist 1
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
+84 (0)906 911 337